CG + Archviz

My first contact with modelling and rendering was during my Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, back in 2006. Even though the program demanded analog, pen technical drawings, I was soon introduced my CAD programs who were industry standards back then, followed by a natural evolution to 3d design. I was never the kind of guy who learns… Continue reading CG + Archviz


Motion + Animation

Since 2015 I have great interest in motion design and animation, even though I have no formal education on this field. These works have been interesting exercises for me, albeit not even close to a professional result. As an incursion into unknown fields, I have just grabbed Cinema 4d and played it with for many,… Continue reading Motion + Animation

Book + Print Media

Sometimes you think you cannot accomplish something until you have to do it in a rush. My engagement with poster and editorial design for print purposes started in the middle of that kind of mess. I was working for a Brazilian creative office and, knowing that I was an architect initiated in design fields, the… Continue reading Book + Print Media

Illustration + Drawing

My relationship with illustration is kind of common ground for most students of the creative field: it was the first medium where I find a way to express my ideas through. Starting back when I was a toddler with random, rough sketches to more developed material as I grew older, illustrating whatever was inside my… Continue reading Illustration + Drawing