Split Opening Sequence

This text was originally written for the Interactive Media Business course. Born in 1988, in a rural village located on the countryside of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, running down the farms and hills, I clearly remember landline telephony being such big news. Before the internet era, living in a small town up by […]

Early Letterform – Design Principles INM 100

For this second project on Design Principles (INM 100) we had to explore some primary relations between typography and hierarchy, selecting a letter from the Phoenician or Greek alphabet, researching it, and writing some introductory text about its background. Then, three compositions should be created, each distinctively different: the first should have the Symbol as the most… Continue reading Early Letterform – Design Principles INM 100

Luz, Gesso e Imagens de Consumo

Este artigo originalmente foi publicado como TTC do meu curso de Arquitetura e Iluminação. Luz, Gesso e Imagens de Consumo: um estudo sobre a linguagem vigente da iluminação na arquitetura de interiores brasileira 2016/12/01 Introdução Metodologia A Dimensão Histórica A Linguagem da Luz Pluralidade e Ironia Práticas Correntes Considerações Finais Referências Anexo I Anexo II… Continue reading Luz, Gesso e Imagens de Consumo