CG + Archviz

My first contact with modelling and rendering was during my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, back in 2006. Even though the program demanded analog, pen technical drawings, I was soon introduced my CAD programs who were industry standards back then, followed by a natural evolution to 3d design.


I was never the kind of guy who learns by standing in a class reading books, so I learned the basics of 3dsmax all by myself, just by reading internet articles and tips. From basic poly modelling to advanced lighting, texturing, and rendering techniques I developed my own way of getting things done in 3d space.

My architectural career was challenging, fun, hard and beautiful. But I decided to try something else when I realized I was more satisfied by rendering buildings than by actually building them.

I have also been able to work with Rhino. I love its nurbs modelling tools and I was very proud of getting my first parametric design on Grasshopper, a very complex node-based tool.


For guys with few processing power and no fancy video cards like me, post production is where the magic happens thanks to PS.


This portfolio is not a software critique blog, but eventually 3dsmax started to look a little unpolished to me. Of course that few things can beat the production monster it is, but there is little attention to design and usability on its development. I have just been introduced to Cinema4d and after years used to Autodesk’s stiff workflow I find it a breeze to use a 3d software that actually looks like it was made for designers.