Book + Print Media

Sometimes you think you cannot accomplish something until you have to do it in a rush. My engagement with poster and editorial design for print purposes started in the middle of that kind of mess. I was working for a Brazilian creative office and, knowing that I was an architect initiated in design fields, the company asked me to design a whole book for them. A whole book from scratch, with a large printed edition.

Printing is a complex and intricate process, but when you are mostly dealing with digital designs, it’s easy to forget about it – until the moment you can’t run from hardcopies anymore.


I had two months to complete the task, from wire framing and content collection to illustrations and diagrams, whilst still dealing with the printer staff to define paper density, finishing, folding and color systems. Some people that were helping me delivered most images in RGB, and the printer guys asked me to convert it to CMYK. Then they changed their minds and wanted everything matched to Pantone profiles. Then they changed their minds again back to CMYK. Busy times I had there…It was not easy but I managed to deliver it in time for the Holidays, which were the intended date for book distribution. There are some pictures of the book below and I can say that I am proud of achievement we made, especially when it comes to colors, typography, and the beautiful transparent cover we managed to print in acetate.


I cherish many other works as professional achievements on the printed media field, though. I have managed to produce portfolios for many companies and posters for other few companies:

We are so used to our beautiful, high-density screens with a bazillion pixels squished into them that we forget the irreplaceable feeling of taking a printed book in hand. It has dimension, body, and volume. It’s just a whole different experience.