Motion + Animation

Since 2015 I have great interest in motion design and animation, even though I have no formal education on this field. These works have been interesting exercises for me, albeit not even close to a professional result.

As an incursion into unknown fields, I have just grabbed Cinema 4d and played it with for many, many hours. From little animations that were further edited in Premiere Pro to image sequences turned into gifs through Photoshop, I had a great time developing these pieces and I hope I can get to work on them more on a near future.

I have previous background with poly modelling techniques, however Cinema 4d’s end to end parametric workflow is a breeze to work with. It is a really simple tool to work with, and after few days of learning you can deliver beautiful graphics.

When you start your way through a new, unknown field, having no idea of what you are doing might be the best starting point.

prt_300x300_1482322920     prt_300x300_1482322687    prt_300x300_1482323104

prt_300x300_1482322987    prt_300x300_1482322804    prt_300x300_1482322585

Creating gifs may look like a simple task at first, but fine tuning their break points and optimizing them to look like endless animations can be a tricky task.


These short animations below were produced with the same techniques and skill sets mentioned before. I have just taken the images sequences straight out of C4D and edited them with audio in Premiere Pro.

Looking through my previous work I have even found this video from 2008 for an architectural project I developed with my friend on our Bachelor’s in architecture. How long has it been? Almost 10 years now. It’s a primary sketch of what my passion for interactive media would turn out to be.