Illustration + Drawing

My relationship with illustration is kind of common ground for most students of the creative field: it was the first medium where I find a way to express my ideas through. Starting back when I was a toddler with random, rough sketches to more developed material as I grew older, illustrating whatever was inside my mind was something I felt impelled to do on a daily basis.


Illustration hits me as a way finding, a constant discovery that eventually turns into final product -an organic and fluid process searching for the perfect results.

I have been able to work with many illustration mediums throughout my professional and student tracks, and I have been through acrylic, oil, watercolor, and pencil painting until I finally hit the tablets. I do not think that digital is the only way to go. I assume that a good final piece usually mixes the best part of both analog drawing and computer aided design.



My works have been displayed in many different ways: from the walls of my living room to storefronts and conferences, such as this urban symposium that took place on Rio de Janeiro:


The funniest canvas I had to work with was a parking lot.The client, a big contractor in Brazil, had just finished its ultimate corporate building and felt like the parking space could not live up to the project’s standards. This is what I came up with:illus_cite.jpg

There is one cruel side of illustration, though: in the head of the artist, the outcome is never good enough. It’s an infinite fight against your own criticism.

This video below was a fun experience of sketching recording. My architect colleagues and I had just won a competition for a building in Portugal and the committee asked us to send a video with our working process in 48 hours. We had no studio setup to begin with, so I grabbed a smartphone camera, took some raw footage to Premiere Pro and ended up with this unpolished but graceful piece:\